Needless to say, these are interesting times. But Occam and its clients have risen to the challenge, and found life beyond quarantine and social distancing. Occam persists with its customary verve and high standards in this socially daunting environment. Adapt or die, as Charles Darwin had it.

Recent successful searches include the following:

  • CMO for Tmunity, a privately held cell therapy company based in Philadelphia;
  • CEO for Variant, a Lux investment with a powerful genomic-based drug discovery platform based in Seattle;
  • CMO for Elicio, a privately held immuno-oncology company based in Boston;
  • Board Members for Recursion Pharmaceuticals, a privately held AI/machine learning drug discovery company based in Utah;
  • CMO for Pacira, a publicly held neurology/anesthesia company, based in New Jersey;
  • CFO for iTeos, a Boston oncology company anticipating an IPO;
  • A CFO and a Board Member for CytomX, a publicly held immuno-oncology company based in California;
  • An investment professional for Farallon, a major hedge fund based in California; and
  • CEO of Federation Bio, a neo-microbiome company financed by Venrock.