Geoff McDonough, CEO, GenerationBio

We recruited Geoff when the company was in the midst of a series A round. Geoff has raised a significant amount in private capital and taken the company public, raising $150 million in 2020. GenBio’s current market cap is $1 billion.

Emily Conley, Federation Bio

Federation Bio, a microbiome startup based on the research of Michael Fischbach of Stanford, has Venrock as the founding investor. Emily Conley, brought extensive strategic and operational experience at 23andMe before becoming CEO. Her leadership provided a decisive contribution to a successful $50 million private round.

Alvin Shih, CEO, Disarm

Disarm, a private biotech, was recently sold to Lilly in a deal whose potential value is $1.225 billion. Occam brought Shih into the organization in 2019 after it had just completed its A round.

Ted Ashburn, CEO, Oncorus

Oncorus went public this quarter, raising approximately $90 million in an IPO with a current market capitalization of approximately $400 million. Occam brought Ted into the organization in 2018, and he led this successful public transaction.

Bastiano Sanna, CEO, Semma

We brought Bastiano on board as CEO to provide leadership for this very promising private cell therapy company founded by Doug Melton of Harvard. Semma was sold last year to Vertex for $950 million.